Curator // Parallel Vienna 2020 The paradise carries its package

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Anna Francesca, Martin Sommer, Egor Urakov and Hanna Besenhard show a multimedial installation work.

The spatial composition under water, limited by glass walls and supposedly free in the boundlessness of the endless water. Within all its weight and lightness, water implies conflicts of a social and personal nature and Leads to manifest, fragile constructs of society. Oscillating between responsibility and resignation, like preprogrammed information published in media echo chambers.

Disorientation and a dislocation of the senses, destruction of restless repetition. Adaptation expresses itself systematically with the power of gestures between language, text, body and space. The illusion of finding oneself in a sound space to escape the illusions of society.

Confucius says, the journey is the goal. Unconscious striving, a deep longing, for a place, an encounter, a dialogue, an answer to countless questions.

Martin Sommer’s strong and monumental depiction of burden denotes the oppressive path through blocks of concrete, which leads through the sap of life that is liquid. An attempt to explain the fluidity and the complex, temporal and spatial movements. Martin Sommer’s interest in creating sculptures is not to imitate nature or to represent something that already exists. Approaches and emotions should be discovered, evoked by multifaceted materials and shapes. His sculpture blends glass chambers and diffuse layers, a memorial that resembles the present.


Martin Sommer’s sculpture and Anna Francesca’s ‘Basic Fish’ are combined in their work, which dissolves the boundaries between the private and the public.

,Basic Fish’, a video Installation by Anna Francesca, shows her body in an illusionary relationship between compulsion, adaptation and transformation. As between Scylla and Charybdis, she is caught between the worlds. An unreal being, locked in complex structures of its own imagination. Searching for the exit or longing for an answer. Her inner monologue and existentialist theses about herself lead to the element of air and the sound it carries.

In between, Hanna Besenhard’s fluid, time-based, blurred words emerge, where beginnings and thoughts combine. Continuously resulting in fresh arrangement, equal to life where changes and renewal arise. Transit and transformation.

Text and generative graphics are formed like puzzles out of the many layers of the media landscape. The interactive sound installation ,Je mehr desto weniger’ by Hanna Besenhard illustrates the power and intensity of an obsession. Symbolized by the changing sound and volume, depending on the people moving in the room.

Mosaic illustrations by Egor Urakov shows a dialogue with abstract symbols and

formations. As a diary entry, they become ambassadors of inner voices. Like Sisyphus, his mind always rises new ideas to escape the end.

With his ‘Imagine Sisyphus a happy man’ Egor Urakov sets an example, a repetitive style. Like a Sisyphus of the modern age, he illustrates the clumsy nature of people, always starting over and over again, never giving up and tirelessly going on. In the endless search for paradise – with all its burden.


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