Cadavre Exquis 2017

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The game was published first time in 1927 in La Révolution surréaliste, a french surrealistic Magazine by Andre Breton /Edition Gallimard.

Exquisite Cadaver  – cadaver has an impersonal sound and indeed the word is often used for a body whose identity isn’t important. Cadere – to fall is not only a metaphoric process in social structure and system of human existence. It looks like the cadaverous features can not be hidden any longer and a new-age social role is about to develop based on new arrangements and knowledge, which equals a radical redefinition.

The method of the game Exquisite Cadaver, the collection of collectively assembled words or images, was chosen as a mechanism of inspiration to visualize reciprocation between consciousness – subconsciousness, reality – fiction, and public – autocrat.

Folding montage as a technique to allow a well-controlled view in particular, exemplify society’s partial cuttings, and consequently comments a collective treatment of the present “sub-realism”.

Women being subjected to the resulting imagery in a passive role, here comes a reassertation of the womans identity of the idea of a different kind of beauty, a more complex and multi faceted femininity, a radical redefinition of the very concept of desire.

Mission, commission, submission- a be born into position or nonreflective order?

The intention Cadvre Exquise is to foreground the metamorphosis of social perception, which is supported by the surrealistic praxis.

To overcome contemporarily constructed relations (relatio rationis) and literally go back to nature.

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